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4 Extremely Simple Steps To Start a Blog Make Money From It

Turn your passion in to profit.

You must have heard about a lot of bloggers making lakhs and even crores of rupees just by blogging. Some even doubt if they are making this amount of money, but it’s quite often true.

Bloggers indeed make a lot of money through just blogging from their homes. For most bloggers, it starts as a part-time business and it eventually becomes a huge business. You must be wondering how do these bloggers make all this money and how you can also make money through blogging. ​In this post, we’ll tell you 4 simple things that you need to do to become that successful full-time blogger making money from blogging!


Starting a blog is very simple. You don’t even have to pay money to start a blog. You can visit free blogging websites such as Blogger, WordPress , Typepad, to start your blog.

You simply have to visit these websites and register.We would recommend you to start blogging through Blogger – In case you have little/no knowledge about blogging.

For about $10 you can purchase a domain from within blogger such as “myawesomeblog.com”. On Blogger.com if you create a free blog you will get a blog , which has a url like – myawesomeblog.blogspot.in

Starting a blog should NOT take you more than 1 hour.


A blog has 6 parts

  1. Blog Title – When you are setting up your blog, you will have to provide a blog title. Remember that this title will be the identity of your blog. An effective title will mean that more people can find your blog through Google, Bing, and can remember your blog’s name also. It’s like the title of a book. People do judge the book by its cover
  2. Blog Template – This comprises of the look & feel of your blog. A nicely done template , which is neat and simple encourages visitors to stay longer on your blog.
  3. Post – A blog is made up of blog posts (analogous to diary entries). This is the heart of any blog.
  4. Post Title – This is the title you give to any blog post. It’s analogous to the subject of your email. Whenever you’ll post your blog , a catchy headline or a post title will help you with SEO and can make your post viral also. It’s like the title of a chapter in a book.
  5. Post Body/Post Content – What you write in a post is the heart of the post. It’s the content that people are reading. A good, nicely written content will encourage your readers to share the content and engage with it (by commenting). It will also encourage search engines like Google to rank your blog ahead of others leading to more free traffic for your blog.
  6. Post Categories/Tags: Post categories and tags are there on your blog to ensure that you can structure your blog posts properly. It’s like the index of a book. Appropriate tagging and categorization of blog posts will ensure that your website visitors can easily navigate through your content. It is also valuable in optimizing your blog for search.

The only way to write great contents is by writing them now and not listing them up them as post ideas. Who knows if it is that post you haven’t written yet but have an idea that will take your blog from zero to 100,000 subscribers? Don’t delay it, just write now!


Once you start publishing regularly on your blog, you have to do some marketing for your blog. Otherwise, nobody will know about your blog. There are broadly 3 important things that you should do. Remember these are bare minimum things you should be doing.

  1. Ask visitors to subscribe – You can install a subscription plugin for your blog, where every time a visitor comes to your blog, he/she can subscribe to your blog. The benefit of doing this is to ensure that every time you publish content, your subscribers get notified.
  2. Share it with your friends and family (and ask them to re-share on social media)- When you begin your own social media channels will be an important place for promotion. Share your blog posts through your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest accounts. You can also WhatsApp your friends about it. Be shameless in promoting your blog, if you are serious about it.
  3. Back-link building – Register your blog on blog directories such as indiblogger, blogadda etc. This will help build back-links for your blog and will help you do search engine optimization properly. You can take up our Search Engine Optimization course to get in to the details of how to properly do SEO for your blog and generate a lot of free traffic for it.


After you have followed the first 3 steps in detail, it’s time to start making money 🙂 You simply need to go and register on Google Adsense. It’s a very simple platform. ​ AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website. On a blog created on blogger.com, you can easily integrate Adsense.

Otherwise, Adsense will give you a code, which you simply have to copy and paste it wherever you want an ad shown on your blog. You will generally need to go on the layout section on blogger and click on add widget. Once you click on it, choose HTML widget and paste the code given by AdSense there. That’ it!.

Adsense will keep showing you how much money you’ve made. You don’t have to worry about getting advertisers for your blog. You only should worry about getting traffic on your blog.

Note – On a blog on WordPress.com, you cannot run ads through Adsense.

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