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Get the latest Marketing Updates, analysis of marketing campaigns by top Indian and Global brands and expert analysis. Follow this thread to stay updated on the latest marketing news in-depth analysis, tips, and trends.

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Marketing over the last decade has evolved with the increasing adoption of social media. Most marketing professionals today have an added advantage of multiple channels to choose from beyond traditional mediums. In such a dynamic environment, this portal presents to you multiple views and in-depth insights on what’s new.

In 2020, we see the huge impact that digital marketing has had on brands and consumers. In the advertising space, we see the duopoly of Facebook and Google. They dominate paid media investments online. There are new emerging players like TikTok that challenge the dominance of Facebook. Offline media and channels such as Television, Print, Radio still remain important for many larger brands.

Digital marketing is in itself a very vast space including SEO, social media, marketing, marketing automation, pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, content marketing and more.

New technologies, techniques, and ever-changing Google and Facebook algorithms keep many marketing professionals on their toes. This portal intends to keep you up-to-date on the upcoming trends. You don’t need to be an MBA to become a marketing expert. Stay updated with the latest marketing trends. As we enter a new decade and tech continues to change at a rapid pace, follow this blog to hear the voice of experts and keep updated.

PopSockets Case Study – The Incredible Power of Word-Of-Mouth

In this post, we bring to you this incredible story of PopSockets started by a Professor and an amazing journey from creating the product to selling millions of it through word-of-mouth marketing only. You will see how only word-of-mouth marketing alone is helping to sell millions of this unique product . THE BEGINNING – UNTANGLING HEADPHONES Prof. David Barnett had a problem, which all of us might have faced. His headphones would tangle every time he put them in his pocket. So he went out to look for a solution. He went to the local store and purchased two buttons and glued them to the back of his phone. He…