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How To Quickly Make Money On YouTube? 9 Busted Myths

There is a lot of hype about YouTubers making a lot of money through their YouTube videos. A lot of people contact us to know more about how to make money on YouTube. There is a lot of myth that YouTubers are very rich and are earning a few crores every year. Some of it is true and a lot of it is a myth. If you are curious about how to make money from YouTube and want to know more about how much money can be made and how to go about it, this post is for you!
In this post on how to make money on YouTube, we’ll bust 9 myths on making money from YouTube. We’ll also share a few valuable tips on what the experts say about being a popular YouTuber.

Myth 1: Making money from YouTube is simple

Reality: Yes. YouTube allows you to run ads on your videos. You can do this sitting at home. You only have to worry about creating videos and get views on these videos. YouTube will bother about showing ads on your videos. There are multiple ad formats that show up on your YouTube videos.

Myth 2: More views means more money!

Reality: This is false. More views don’t necessarily mean more money. This is one of the most common myths and if you are wondering about how to make money from YouTube, this is one of the most important points. If your video is getting views from the United States, or UK, France, or more developed countries, you will get more money from your views. This can be almost 6-8 times the money you make from video views coming from developing countries like India. If you have a YouTube channel that focuses on viewers from India, you might be getting 6 – 8 times less money per view on your YouTube video.

Myth 3: More subscribers means more money!

Reality: This is partially true. You get paid for your views and not subscribers. More subscribers will only ensure that you are able to consistently get views on the videos that you post on your channel. YouTube pays you for the views you get and not the subscribers you have.

Myth 4: More ads on videos lead to more money

Reality: YouTube generally does not show an ad on every video view. For example for every 100 views you get on your videos, YouTube will show ads on approximately 25-30 views. It will not show an ad for every view. This means that you approximately get ads for 25% – 30% of video views. If you get 1 Million views on your videos, ads would be shown only on approx. 250,000 – 300,000 views.

Myth 5: Getting 1 million views every month on your videos can make you rich

Reality: Being rich is a state of mind. A question that everybody asks is how many views you need to get make Rs 1 lakh a month? As a policy, YouTubers cannot disclose how much money they make. YouTube does not allow them to disclose these details. We’ve through our sources have got some reliable estimates of the money you can make from YouTube.
A popular YouTuber from India who gets approximately 12 Million views in a month got paid approximately 4 Lakh rupees for the views. This approximately means 3 paisa per view. Given that only 25% of views would have ads, this means that you can make approximately 13 paisa for every view with an ad. This can, however, change basis the kind of video you are making. A video about recipes might get different costs versus a video about gadgets.

Myth 6: 1 Million views every month would mean similar income

Reality: This is false. 1 million views in January can give you a very different revenue from 1 million views in October. Why?
In months when a lot of advertisers (such as Flipkart, Amazon in India) are spending on YouTube, video views tend to generate more money as compared to months when they are spending much less on YouTube. So, 1 Million views in India in October (during Diwali sale) might give higher revenue as compared to 1 Million views in February.

Myth 7: You can become a YouTuber to make money

Reality: This is partially true. In this post on how to make money from YouTube, we’d like to stress on the point that you need to have an audience for your content if you want to make money. If you want to become a YouTuber to earn more money, chances are that you may NOT be successful. A lot of people have tried it but initially, they don’t get many views of their videos. There is one YouTuber like many others who put up a lot of videos. He did not find any success. Then he put up a video, which was about how to change your WhatsApp home screen image, which got him over 4 Million views and gave him almost 200,000+ subscribers. Success on YouTube is dependent on a lot of factors. If you are not passionate about the content you are making, chances are that you will not be able to create high-quality videos. Also, you need to attract a larger audience to ensure that there are sufficient views.

Myth 8: YouTube takes a huge cut of the ad revenue before giving the money to YouTubers

Reality: YouTube takes approximately a 45% cut of the ad revenue it makes from the ads shown on your videos.

Myth 9: YouTubers make more money from brand endorsements than from ads

Reality: This is largely true. If you have a channel on fashion and have more than 200,000 subscribers, you can fetch approximately Rs 10,000 – Rs 30,000 by endorsing brands on your YouTube channel. 200,000 subscribers in the Fashion space will get you on an average 40,000 – 80,000 views on your videos. These views will not help you get a lot of revenue from ads. But by endorsing a large number of brands, you can easily make in excess of 1 Lakh per month. Do remember that these endorsements are very seasonal. A lot of brands don’t do these projects throughout the year.

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