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Starbucks News On Twitter – 5 Key Lessons

Starbucks is already famous for its social media excellence, and its Twitter presence is no exception. But apart from the main Starbucks account, Starbucks also runs another profile dedicated to its news updates. @Starbucksnews

Starbucks isn’t just known for its products, but also its commitment to quality, customers, and communities.

The brand’s @Starbucksnews account enables it to share such stories, and update its customers and investors of its various initiatives and announcements.

A lot of the posts on Starbucks News link back to their blog –
There are a few lessons from the Starbucks News Twitter account that can be implemented by brands globally both small and large

  1. Disclose more about your brand – Show behind the scenes about your brand. It allows followers to connect more with your brand
  2. People matter – Talk about the people who are an integral part of your culture and your brand. These can be senior folks in the company or even entry-level people

  3. Be regular – It is important to be regular with your updates. Even if you have an update once a month, do it regularly
  4. Re-share content – Re-share content where your partners have tagged you, appreciated you or talked about your work.CBS Starbucks
  5. Link back content to your blog or website – It is important to link back important Tweets to your blog or website where people can read more about what you are disclosing.

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